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The Invasion Ecology Lab is an international research group established in 2017 after Prof. Mark van Kleunen (also professor at Konstanz University, Germany) joined a Chinese program for flexible introduction of high-level talents. The laboratory is nested in the Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Plant Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation headed by Prof. Junmin Li, which is part of the School of Life Science of Taizhou University. The Invasion Ecology Lab now brings together a dozen of scientists and students conducting transdisciplinary research on the issue of biological invasions.

Our integrated research aims at better understanding the causes and consequences of biological invasions in natural and cultivated ecosystems at local to global scales. We study invasive species from multiple perspectives including plant-associated microbiomes, plant genomics and physiology, plant-plant interactions, and macroecology.

2018 GloNAF Meeting, Göttingen (Germany)


East Asian Symposium on Plant Diversity and Conservation, Hangzhou
East Asian Plant Diversity and Conservat
We are happy to organize the GCEP conference from 1st to 3rd November 2019 in Taizhou
Please click below for further details
3rd Conference on Biological Invasions and Global Change, Kaifeng
New paper in Ecology
May, 2021



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