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Journal Publications


Yuan L, Li JMvan Kleunen M (2022) Competition induces negative conspecific allelopathic effects on seedling recruitment. Annals of Botany, published. 

Cai CN, Xiao JH, Wan JY, Ren ZC, van Kleunen M & Li JM (2022) Implications of climate change for environmental niche overlap between five Cuscuta pest species and their two main Leguminosae host crop species. Weed Science, published. 

Yuan L, Li JM & van Kleunen M (2022) Diversity of resident plant communities could weaken their allelopathic resistance against alien and native invaders. Biological Invasions, published. 



Yuan Yongge, Jin huifei, Li Junmin(2021)Effects of latitude and soil microbes on the resistance of invasive Solidago canadensis to its co-evolved insect herbivore Corythucha marmorata. Journal of Plant Ecology, published.


Lin Weida, Chen Huanwei, Wang Jianmei....Li Junmin(2021)Transcriptome analysis associated with
polysaccharide synthesis and their antioxidant activity in Cyclocarya paliurus leaves of different developmental stages. Peer Journal, published.

Sheng Xiaoling, Chen Huanwei, Wang Jianmei, Zheng Yongli, Li Yueling, Jin Zexin, Li Junmin(2021)Joint Transcriptomic and Metabolic Analysis of Flavonoids in Cyclocarya paliurus Leaves. ACS Omega, Published.

Cai Chaonan, Xiao Jianhua, Ci Xiuqin, Conran G John, Li Jie(2021)Genetic diversity of Horsfeldia tetratepala (Myristicaceae), an endangered Plant Species with Extremely Small Populations to China: implications for its conservation. Plant Systematics and Evolution, published.


Duan Wenkai, Shao Wanlu, Lin Wenda, Yuan Ling, Lu Qiuwei, Chen Luxi, Zagorchev  Lyuben, Li Junmin(2021)Integrated metabolomics and transcriptomics reveal the differences in fruit quality of the red and white Fragaria pentaphylla morphs. Food Bioscience, published.

Zhou Li, Lu Qiuwei, Yang Beifen , Zagorchev  Lyuben, Li Junmin(2021)Integrated small RNA, mRNA, and degradome sequencing reveals the important role of miRNAs in the interactions between parasitic plant  Cuscuta australis and its host Trifolium repens. Scientia Horticulturae, published.


Robin Pouteau, Wilfried Thuiller, Carsten Hobohm, Caroline Brunel .....& Mark van Kleunen (2021) Climate and socio-economic factors explain differences between observed and expected naturalization patterns of European plants around the world. Global Ecology and Biogeography, Published.



Yuan L, Li JM, Yu FH, Oduor AMO & van Kleunen M (2021) Allelopathic and competitive interactions between native and alien plants. Biological Invasions, published.

Yuan YG, van Kleunen M & Li JM(2021) A parasite indirectly affects nutrient distribution by common mycorrhizal networks between host and neighboring plants. Ecology, published. 


Jin HF, Yuan YG&Li JM (2021) Host functional traits affect plant responses to pathogen stress: A meta-analysis. Acta Oecologica, published.

Yuan YG, Guo S, Yan M& Li JM (2021) Multi-generational effects of simulated herbivory and habitat types on the invasive weed Alternanthera philoxeroides: implications for biological control. Biological Invasions, published.


Lu QW, Liu J, Chen LX,Yang D, Shen JC, Li JM, Liston A, Ashman TL&Dong M (2020)ABA-regulated ploidy-related genes and non-structural carbon accumulation may underlie cold tolerance in tetraploid Fragaria moupinensis. Environmental and Experimental Botany, published.


van Kleunen M, Xu X , Yang Q , et al(2020)Economic use of plants is key to their naturalization success[J]. Nature Communications, published

Wang XJ, Su XL, Li JM&Zhu P(2020)Changes of lipid metabolism of Arabidopsis thaliana in response to oligochitosan treatment. Biological plantarum, published.

Ren ZC, Zagortchev L, Ma JX, Yan M& Li JM(2020) Predicting the potential distribution of the parasitic Cuscuta chinensis under global warming. BMC Ecology, published

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Li JM, Qi CH, Gu JJ& Jin ZX(2020)Effect of sire population on the genetic diversity and fitness of F1 progeny in the endangered Chinese endemic Sinocalycanthus chinensis. Ecology and Evolution, published.

Wan JZ, Oduor A, Pouteau R, Wang BL, Chen LX, Yang BF, Yu FH, Li JM(2020) Can polyploidy confer invasive plants with a wider climatic tolerance? A test using Solidago canadensis. Ecology and Evolution, published. 

Brunel C, Yang BF, Pouteau R, Li JM& van Kleunen M(2020)Responses of Rhizospheric Microbial Communities of Native and Alien Plant Species to Cuscuta Parasitism. Microbial Ecology, published.

Lin WD, Li YL, Lu QW, Lu HF& Li JM(2020)Combined analysis of the metabolome and transcriptome identified candidate genes involved in phenolic acid biosynthesis in the leaves of Cyclocarya paliurus. International journal of Molecular Sciences, published.

Shen JC, Shao WL, Du ZK, Lu HF& Li JM(2020)Integrated metabolomic and transcriptomic analyses reveal differences in the biosynthetic pathway of anthocyanins in Fragaria nilgerrensis and Fragaria pentaphylla. Scientia Horticulturae, published.


Yuan Y , Brunel C , van Kleunen M , et al. Salinity-induced changes in the rhizosphere microbiome improve salt tolerance of Hibiscus hamabo[J]. Plant and Soil, published.



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2018 - 24 publications

Carleial, S., Maurel, N., van Kleunen, M., Stift, M. (2018). Oviposition by the Mountain Alcon Blue butterfly increases with host plant flower number and host ant abundance. Basic and Applied Ecology, 28, 87-96.

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2017 - 10 publications

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